Has Jesus ever asked you to join Him in doing something that is totally out of your comfort zone…something that you know you cannot do?

I know that I can list several times in my journey with Him that He’s walked in a direction that totally freaked me out.

My reaction was, “Are you insane?  I can’t do that!  That will never work!”

But, Jesus kept moving on in that direction.

In my office, I have a lithograph print of an artist’s depiction of Peter walking toward Jesus on the stormy sea of Galilee.

Remember it was Peter’s idea for Jesus to bid him to come to Him.

He did fine until he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the waves.

Peter did two things wrong.

First, he took His eyes of Jesus.

Second, he focused on the storm.

When he was looking to Jesus to do what was humanly impossible, he experienced the life of Jesus walking on water through him.

When he focused on the waves, he gave into the fear of the storm and unbelief took over.

“I can’t walk on water!  What was I thinking?” 

So, Peter sank like a rock, cried out for Jesus to save him, and then Jesus rebuked him for his unbelief.

You see, behind all fear is unbelief.

When we focus our faith on Jesus, we experience His life in us empowering us to keep in step with the Spirit no matter where He leads us.

When we focus on our own abilities or inabilities, we bound to draw strength only from our own flesh, and then like Peter, we will sink like rocks as fear overwhelms us.

Faith in Jesus and fear cannot coexist; they naturally repel one another.

Jesus will lead us into the ‘humanly impossible’ to teach us to depend on Him to be the power source to accomplish all that He has planned to do through us.

Without Him, we can do nothing; but we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

So beloved, if you keep sinking in the storm, ask Jesus where you have given ground to fear and the lies of the enemy.

Next, ask Jesus to speak His truth to the lies and reclaim the ground you’ve given to the enemy through fear and unbelief.

Then, acknowledge your need for Jesus to do all things through you, and He will lift you above the waves of fear to a walk of faith in Him.


Robyn Henning

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  • Katy says:

    Love it! Walking on water right now! Feeling really tempted to stare at the waves. And then I see Jesus cradling my face in His hands and beckoning me to walk with Him awhile. So I walk ~ while my heart is pounding with the desire to watch the water …

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