The Armor Series: Breastplate of Righteousness and the Gospel Shoes of Peace

As we continue our look at the Armor of God, let’s turn our attention to the next two pieces on Paul’s list in Ephesians 6.

No Roman soldier would ever consider entering battle without his breastplate in place.

Just as the breastplate protected the vital organs of the soldier, so also the righteousness of Christ protects our soul’s vital organ, our heart.

Our heart is the seat of the life of our body, soul and spirit.

By faith, we have received the righteousness of Christ in place of our own filthiness, and Jesus becomes our Source of Life as He comes to ‘live in our heart’.

His righteousness protects our heart. No accusation of Satan can stand because we are now IN CHRIST.

Praise God!

Now, why would Paul liken the gospel of peace to a soldier’s shoes?

Receiving Jesus as our Savior and Lord, results in us having peace with God and in our experiencing the fruit of the peace of God.

God’s peace enables us to stand firm in our faith instead of slipping on the battlefield when Satan attacks.

It also enables us to move forward with confidence in sharing the saving message of the gospel.

In this week’s Nugget video, I discuss both of these armor pieces so that we can better understand why they are both essential in experiencing victory over the world, the flesh and the Devil.

I hope you will take time to view it and that it is an encouragement to you!



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