The Armor Series: The Belt of Truth

In Ephesians 6, the Apostle Paul presents the practical word picture of a Roman Soldier’s Battle Armor in order to help his readers understand how God equips us to be victorious in the spiritual battle that all believers face.

Paul exhorts believers to ‘gird their loins with truth.’  Loins refers to kidneys which were viewed as the seat of a person’s emotions.

The Adrenal Gland is located on the kidneys.  So, when a person perceives a threat, they feel fear and anxiety, and then this gland produces adrenaline enabling them to fight or flee the threat.

Throughout his epistles, Paul emphasizes the need for believers to take every thought captive, to set their minds on truth, and to think on what is true, right, honorable, lovely and pure.

Why is this?  Because thinking truth leads to accurate emotional responses.

Satan wants us to determine truth BY what we feel instead of what we know from God’s Word.

In this Nugget video, I look at how critical it is to protect our emotional health by setting our minds on truth.

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