The Armor Series: The Shield of Faith

As we continue our look at the armor of God, it’s time to look at the shield of Faith.

Paul tells us that this shield is capable of extinguishing the fiery arrows of the evil one.

The Roman soldiers shield, when not in use, was hung from a clip on his belt.

So, faith that protects us hinges on its connection to the Truth of God’s Word.

Also, these shields were as wide and tall as a door.

They protected the whole body of the soldier.

Our shield of faith is big enough to protect our whole being as well.

The Roman shield was made of 6 layers of tanned leather making it both tough and durable.

To keep his shield from becoming dry and brittle, the soldier rubbed it with oil each day.

This speaks to our need for daily communion with God through the Holy Spirit to keep our faith fresh and ready for the next spiritual battle.

Before each battle, a Roman soldier would soak his shield in water until it was saturated.

Every fiery arrow that hit his shield would be quickly snuffed out.

Soaking our faith in the water of His Word is the means of taking the fire out of Satan’s attacks.

So, beloved, what condition is your shield of faith in?

Don’t let your shield get dry and brittle; rather, be diligent to rub the oil of the Holy Spirit on it every day through worship, prayer and reading His Word.


Robyn Henning


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