The Armor Series: The Sword of the Spirit

By November 27, 2018Spiritual Warfare

The last element of armor in Paul’s illustration is the Sword of the Spirit.

Paul uses the Greek word, rhema, to direct us to speak the Word aloud when we engage in the battle.

It is the only piece of armor that is used both offensively and defensively.

When we share the gospel, we speak the Word to show people their sin, their need for a Savior, and how Jesus is the only One who can meet that need for them.

This is a perfect example of using the Sword of the Spirit in an offensive manner.

Defensively, the spoken Word of God makes Satan and his demons tremble.

When tempted by Satan in the wilderness, Jesus countered by speaking the Word of God even when Satan tried to twist the Word and use it against Him.

Beloved, we too, need to learn how to use God’s Word to counter the temptations, accusations, and deceptions that Satan and his minions launch at us.

In this week’s Nugget of Truth video, I share more insights into the importance of learning how to handle God’s Word effectively in battle.

I hope it encourages you to get into God’s Word every day!



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  • Jay says:

    What a blessing, look forward to to You Tube video. Exactly, it was the Word which spoke to me when born again. Holy Spirit in union with the Word made no contest from me. Faced with everlasting truth God dismantled my pride and break down the walls of my arguments and I had no choice but to acknowledge his sovereignty and love.

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