Have you ever heard people speculate over what the mark of the beast is really going to look like?

Some say it’s an embedded chip that will hold all our personal and financial information.

Others say it’s the script of the Bismallah of Islam.

But, why would Satan even bother with a mark?

Because he’s always been a copycat.

You see that when someone is born again into God’s family, they are marked or sealed by the Holy Spirit.

It’s much like the concept of a royal seal or signet that would be placed on the property of a King.

Well, the Apostle Paul tells us that:

we were sealed by the Holy Spirit for the day of redemption.

In other words, each child of God is marked by the Holy Spirit as belonging to God.

We are completely His.

Satan can rant and rave all he wants; he cannot remove the seal of the Holy Spirit.

John tells us that Satan cannot touch those who belong to God.

Why then do we experience spiritual attacks as believers?

We are at war!

It’s been my experience that the vast majority of Christians are clueless about the nature of our battle and how to pray effectively to negate Satan’s attacks.

In fact, most Christians go through life without putting on their spiritual armor and using the weapons of the Word of God and prayer to combat Satan’s tactics to render us useless.

Beloved, the seal of the Spirit means we belong to God and no one can remove it.

Knowing that we are marked by the Spirit should bring us great comfort, but also great awareness that it makes us a target.

While Satan cannot touch us or kill us, he can still shoot at us through temptation, accusation and deception.

It behooves us to be students of God’s Word so that we are not tricked into believing lies and then grieving the Spirit with wrong choices.

I challenge you to learn to engage in spiritual warfare praying.

Warfare prayers are like nuclear bombs.

They can obliterate the works of Satan.

So, beloved, take comfort in being marked by the Spirit.

You are His, once and for all!

But, also be warned to be diligent to walk in the power of the Spirit so that the enemy has no opportunity to trip you up and sideline you from the battle.


Robyn Henning

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