The Science of Prayer


I know in the past, I’ve shared with you about Immanuel Healing Prayer and how we use it to connect with the Lord to heal from trauma and break free from sinful strongholds.

Today, I want to explain a little more technically how it works.

Our brain processes information through 5 levels.

For an experience to become a memory that is accessible for recall, it has to make it through to the fifth level.

Level 1: info to through the optic nerve is filtered through the question, “Is this important?”

If ‘yes’ it’s passed onto Level 2 where it’s filtered through the question, “Is this safe?”

If ‘no’ then brain processing stops and a signal is sent to the Adrenal Gland and the fight or flight mechanism is activated to survival.

This is where PTSD and DID can occur.

The emotional response to the fear mechanism is buried in what the Bible calls the Hidden Chambers or the subconscious and can prove problematic moving forward.

However, if it’s deemed safe, brain processing continues onto Level 3 where it becomes part of our story, in other words, we can relate the experience calmly to another person.

“Here’s what happened in my day today.”

Once we share our story, the brain moves the experience through the VLR (Verbal Logical Explainer) which is Level 4 processing and meaning is attached to the experience making it part of our knowledge base.

This in turn leads to Level 5 processing where we are able to recall the experience and associated VLR information and pass it on to others.

You can’t teach what you don’t know.

You can’t pass on what hasn’t been processed in your brain through Level 5.

Now, why am I going through all this?

When we are doing Immanuel Healing prayer, we are not slipping into mysticism.

We are actually using a neurological technique coupled with the power of the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit to help a person revisit an experience stuck at Level 2 and process it through to Level 5.

This results in a tangible memory cleansed of toxic emotions such as fear, anxiety, shame, grief, etc.

We ask the Spirit to help them go to a Level 4 or 5 memory that feels really good.

This way we know their brain is already fully processing and not stuck at Level 2.

Then, we ask the Spirit to take them to the experience that He wants to heal.

They relate the event He brings to mind and we walk through it with the Spirit as He shows them truth and enables them to tell their story to me and process it through to Level 5.

This leaves them fully understanding in truth what happened while fully aware of the Lord presence in the memory.

They are not longer stuck repeating unhealthy habits or crippled by negative emotions.

It’s beautiful to see the body, soul and spirit work together in healing and wholeness through the power of the Holy Spirit!

It you want more information on this check out YouTube lectures by Dr. Jim Wilder and by Dr. Karl Lehman.  Both are Christian psychiatrists who have written and taught extensively on this topic.


Robyn Henning


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