True Satisfaction

By February 4, 2012Exchanged Life Truths


 “As for me, I shall behold Thy face in righteousness; I will be satisfied with Thy likeness when I awake.”  Psalm 17:15

David led an interesting life.  He went from a shepherd boy to the slayer of Goliath to a warrior general to wanted man to a king.  What a journey it was for him!  He wrote this psalm as a prayer to the Lord for protection from his oppressors.  Most likely, he was being pursued by King Saul even though he had never sought to usurp the throne that God had sworn to give him.  Through such adversities, David learned to rely on God as his source of protection and provision.  At one point, David had to provide food, water and shelter for 500 men and their families in the wilderness while trying to stay away from King Saul and his men.  I cannot imagine the stress he was under.

I believe that it was through these hard times that David was refined and prepared for the throne.  He came to realize that the only One who could truly satisfy his soul’s deepest needs was the LORD Himself.  He knew that true treasure was found in Him alone.  Our flesh is used by Satan to trap us in the lie that the lusts of the flesh will satisfy our soul.  “Eat some more,” “indulge in sex,” “accumulate more new stuff,” are all things that the world, the flesh and the devil tempt us to believe will satisfy us.  These are all lies!  Neither food, nor sex, nor worldly things will ever satisfy our souls.  While they might provide a moment’s pleasure, they always leave us wanting more. 

Our souls are only truly satisfied when we are emptied of ourselves and then filled with the Spirit of Jesus.  He fills every nook and cranny of our souls, and the result is a big, “AHHHHH.”  Finally, we can say, “Wow, He is more than enough for me.”  Take some time to evaluate what you are looking to for satisfaction other than Jesus.  Is it working for you?  Choose to put off these things and then put on the mind of Christ.  Then, you will be in a place to receive His fullness and will experience the true satisfaction that only He can bring.

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