United We Stand

By October 28, 2019Spiritual Warfare

The Lord reminded me of the old adage: “United we stand; divided we fall.” 

Beloved, it is so very true. 

The ultimate instigator of division is Satan himself. 

He tries to divide marriages, families, countries, teams, businesses, churches. 

Division leads to destruction and that is Satan’s goal for everything that God has ordained.   

Satan hates all that God is and all that He has made. 

But, Satan especially hates mankind because we are God’s Image bearers. 

So, he and his minions look for every opportunity to infiltrate marriages, churches, businesses, countries and such to stir up division pitting people against one another by unleashing friendly fire. 

Power struggles usually triggered by insecurity and pride can cause infighting that if left unchecked can take down what God has raised up. 

Beloved, it is up to us to discern the enemies strategies and to endeavor to maintain unity on the foundation of God’s truth. 

Encouraging open dialogue using good communication skills creates an environment of trust and security. 

Whether leading a marriage, a church or a business, good leaders purposefully foster open communication channels. 

Nevertheless, Satan will seek to infiltrate marriages by triggering insecurities buried in our Hidden Chambers. 

When that happens, counter his move by inviting the Holy Spirit to clean out the chambers full of negative emotions. 

If he seeks to create division in a church, the leadership team needs to humbly seek the Spirit’s leading in order to restore unity. 

In business,  creating and maintaining a unified team environment is essential for growth and productivity. 

It is up to leadership to ensure that those who cause division are either corrected or dismissed. 

In a country, it’s leaders need to promote and lead based on the country’s founding principles and constitution while upholding its laws at all levels. 

Beloved, be on the alert in all areas of your life for the enemy’s strategy of divide and conquer. 

James reminds us that a double minded man is unstable in his ways.

A double mind is a divided mind. 

Let’s endeavor to be single minded and unified as we do all that He has for us in His strength and for His glory.


Robyn Henning

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